our home

We can spend more time asking questions than listening to God’s answers. A tendency of self-reliance can make us think we’re in control, “giving” something to God while holding it tight in our fist instead of letting it go. It is not our job to fix everything and everyone. There is peace in letting goContinue reading “our home”


Did you know about the new Instagram feature? Anyone who types the word depression after the hashtag in the search bar will be asked if they need help. Then they’ll be able to click “get support” and will be given the option to talk with a helpline volunteer. I think this is great! Way toContinue reading “Depression”

do it anyway

Isn’t it ironic howfear of failure iswhat can make us fail? It’s not that we’re not capable. What would you doif you were notafraid to fail? You know your calling,you feel it in your heart,but you’re afraid tokeep moving forward.Do it anyway.God will lead the way. Hugs, Ani

being vulnerable and sharing hope

Thrive & Bloom where you are planted. Today, right where you are, you can make a difference in someone’s life. You can brighten their day and make them feel seen and important. Because they are —as you are too. Being vulnerable and sharing our own struggles can actually empower someone. They know they’re not alone,Continue reading “being vulnerable and sharing hope”

don’t stare at the mountain

If we don’t stare at the mountain and instead we look up, we’re overwhelmed by a peace that can’t be explained. Through pain, uncertainty, and hardship… cling to God’s love and promises. This will pass. It will be ok. God’s on it. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer andContinue reading “don’t stare at the mountain”

He did it on purpose

God made us unique, so why are we worried about being different? He did it on purpose. We are never a mistake. God gave us all different colors in His masterpiece, so why are we pretending one color is more beautiful than the other? He gave us different gifts and talents, let’s use them forContinue reading “He did it on purpose”