and yet you’ll rise…

Feeling like a failure is not easy.

You’d think it was easy from the way it looks.

On the coach, scrolling on the phone, watching others be successful.

But no, it’s actually the opposite of easy. Watching others work for their success while you seem to be glued to the bed or the sofa or the chair staring out the window -to the world that’s out there. Out there where, maybe, you could have a chance to shine. But it’s all dim inside. Someone sucked the joy and energy out of you and you feel like there’s no turning back. Every opportunity lost forever, every dream shattered, you try to put the pieces back together but the mess is too much to handle, so you give up. Each day. You give up. And you feed the lie that you’re a failure. The still small voice tells you it’s a lie, but the lie is louder. It screaming and laughing at you.

And yet, someday, (and I pray soon) you will rise.

The couch will call. The lies will haunt. And yet you’ll rise. You will get up and believe the truth. You are worthy, you are capable, and this is still your time.



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